Moscow International Performing Arts Center

Moscow International Performung Arts Center (MIPAC)-state budget cultural establishment of Moscow and  one of the biggest phylarmonic complexes in Russia and in the world, multifunctional cultural centre directed towards development of modern performing arts.

Performances of Russian and foreign symphonic orchestras, chamber orchestra, solo instrumentalists, opera performers and ballet, theatrical, jazz, pop and folk ansambles, international forums and festivals, creative evenings and presentations, festive shows and conferences take part on the stages of three halls of the performing art center-Svetlanovski, Kamerniy, Theatrical as well as on the stage of summer cafe "Musical Terrace" (in fact fourth concert stage of the center). Center is located on river Moscow  Kosmodamianskaya boulevard and stands as an element of major architectural structure "Krasniye Kholmi". President of Moscow International Performing Arts Center-violinist and conductor, state performer of USSR, Vladimir Spivakov


Moscow International Performing Arts Center

52, Kosmodamianskaya nab., p. 8, Moscow, Russia, 115035