About us

iTicket.RU - iTicket is a fast-growing international ticketing service that was founded in 2016. We provide online ticket sales for all types of events. iTicket already operates in Russia, Dubai, the UK, Azerbaijan, as well as in Uzbekistan.

iTicket.RU was launched 2019.
iTicket is an official partner of events such as the IV Islamic Solidarity Games Baku 2017, Eurovilage Women 2017, Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 2017, Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 2018, Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 2019, European Women's Volleyball Championship 2017 , UEFA Champions League group stage, BMX World Cycling Championship in Baku, Baku International Judo Championship 2018, JARA'18 music festival, JARA'19, Baku Youth European Olympic Festival 2019, Expo 2020 Dubai. iTicket.RU is constantly striving to improve its products and services for the efficiency and convenience of the ticket purchase process.

We are expanding opportunities for consumers by offering unique services, such as online broadcasting and selection of seats on a 3D map. By choosing a partnership with iTicket, each partner receives powerful advertising support with the help of our digital marketing tools.